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Cricut Explore 3

Welcome to your creative future! The Cricut Explore® 3 opens doors to endless DIY fun. It cuts over 100 materials with lightning speed and precision.

Discover a new era of do-it-yourself design

Features & Characteristics

Was ist Cricut

  1. Versatile Cutting: Cuts over 100 different materials including cardstock, vinyl, iron-on films (flex and flock), glitter paper, cork and composites.

  2. Smart Material Compatibility: Works with smart materials that allow for a width of 11.5 inches and a length of up to 12 feet - without the need for a cutting mat.

  3. 6 Tool Compatibility: Compatible with 6 different tools for cutting, writing, foiling and more (sold separately).

  4. Speed: Up to 2 times faster than its previous model, enabling efficient implementation of projects.

  5. Functionality with additional tools: Works with the Foil Transfer Tool for professional foil decorations, the Scoring Stylus for precise folding and the Deep-Point Blade for cutting thicker materials.

  6. Bluetooth® wireless technology: Wireless connection with various devices for convenient control.

  7. Mobile Device Docking Slot: Allows you to easily place smartphones or tablets during the creative process.

  8. Built-in Storage: Provides space for storing accessories and tools.

  9. Design Space® app: Free app for Windows® and Mac® computers, as well as iOS® and Android™ devices, to create your own designs or access over 750,000 images, fonts and project ideas for a small monthly fee.

  10. Roll Holder Compatibility: Compatible with the Cricut roll holder to support Smartmaterial rolls.

The Cricut Explore® 3 offers a wide range of features that offer a wealth of design possibilities for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

Get inspired.

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